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Turiyaforms leverages the power of artificial intelligence to simplify the process of creating surveys, quizzes, and data capture forms. One of the standout features of Turiyaforms is its ability to autogenerate questions and options for surveys and quizzes, saving time and effort for users.

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Turiyaforms provides an intuitive interface and tools that enable users to create end-user data capture forms with ease. This means that whether you need to create forms for customer feedback, user registration, or any other purpose, Turiyaforms streamlines the process and helps you to capture valuable data from your audience. With Turiyaforms, you can leverage AI technology to create engaging and effective forms that meet your specific needs.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is Turiyaforms?

Turiyaforms is an online platform that simplifies the process of creating forms, surveys, quizzes, and data capture forms. It leverages artificial intelligence to automate question generation and provides an intuitive interface for effortless form creation.

How can I access Turiyaforms?

You can access Turiyaforms by visiting our website at Simply sign up for an account to start using the service.

Is Turiyaforms free to use?

Yes, Turiyaforms offers a free plan for users who sign up. This allows you to experiment with the service and create forms at no cost. However, please note that certain premium features or usage limits may require a paid subscription.

What types of forms can I create with Turiyaforms?

Turiyaforms currently supports Survey, Quiz creation. Turiyaforms will soon support a wide range of form types. You can customize the forms to meet your specific requirements and capture valuable data from your audience.

Can Turiyaforms generate questions and options for my surveys and quizzes?

Yes, one of the standout features of Turiyaforms is its AI-powered question and option generation. It saves you time and effort by automatically generating relevant questions and options based on your chosen survey or quiz topic.

Can I customize the look and feel of my forms?

Absolutely! Turiyaforms provides a range of customization options, allowing you to personalize the appearance of your forms to match your brand. You can choose from different themes, fonts, colors, and layout options to create visually appealing forms.

How accurate is the Generative AI engine in creating questions and options from a PDF?

The Generative AI engine is designed to create questions and options that are relevant and meaningful based on the content of the PDF. However, it is not perfect and it may sometimes make mistakes or generate questions and options that are not accurate or appropriate. That is why we recommend that you review and edit the generated survey or quiz before sharing it with your audience. You can also use the manual mode to create your own questions and options if you prefer.

How can I collect responses and data from my forms?

Turiyaforms currently provides survey and quiz publish link for you to copy and distribute to your users. Turiyaforms will soon provide various methods for collecting form responses. You can either embed the form on your website or share it via a unique link. Form submissions and responses are then stored securely in your Turiyaforms account, and you can access and analyze the data as needed.

Can I integrate Turiyaforms with other platforms or services?

Yes, Turiyaforms will soon offer integrations with popular tools and platforms. This allows you to seamlessly connect your form data with other applications such as email marketing services, CRM systems, or project management tools.

What support options are available?

Turiyaforms will start providing support through various channels, including a knowledge base and a support ticket system. Currently, we provide this FAQ and also you can reach out to our support team at for assistance with any issues or questions you may have.